Saturday, May 9, 2009


So here's my blog. It's for family, friends, randos, and anyone else who'd like to know about my three months in New Zealand. I decided after visiting for a month in December that I'd like to see what it's like to live here, for real. Not just a vacation, but a living working playing soccer three months (with a few vacations in the mix).

I got a work visa for a holiday- which took about one email and one day- I booked a flight ($740), I passed my classes for the semester, I said my goodbyes, and I booked it out of the country.

While I'm here in Christchurch (the majority of my stay and where I will be trying to find a job) I will be staying with a few (responsible and trustworthy-love you mom) people. First, my good friend Sara and her dad. He's great and he is so nice and accommodating. We'll also have short stints of stays with people such as Tracy, Sara's best friend who lives about two streets away from Sara's pops, Curls, another very good friend who has a spare bedroom in her apartment closer to the city, and possibly in a couple other random places of Christchurch. In Auckland, I'll hope to visit and stay with my lovely lil Pip, a friend from the team.

I'm also hoping (once I get a job) to plan a trip to the Cook Islands (Fiji, Rarotonga, etc.) and to Australia (Brisbane and Gold Coast/maybe Sydney). But that is still pending. No plane tickets yet.

I miss all of you back at home. I'm going to update this as much as possible (ie, the nights that I'm still wide awake cause it's almost impossible for me to stay up in the day and get accustomed to the time change). I can have limited texting and calling, but I'm suspecting after the first month mom and dad will see the phone bill and probably limit me even now's the time :)

Okay, love you miss you and thinking of all of you while I'm having the time of my life (as always).

Caitlin (aka Ding)

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