Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sunny Days!

The last two days have been so nice and sunny it's hard to believe it is winter here! The days are perfect, but the nights do get shivery cold. I had to buy a jacket today because my layering wasn't very sufficient for the evenings around here.

So Monday was really nice. Sara and I (although still unemployed) were very productive. Because of our jetlag and my waking up every morning at 5 AM, we actually have been getting things done. After a run and shower and all that good stuff, we applied for a handful of jobs and then went around and I got an IRD number, which is something that I need to work, and she got her license renewed. Then when she went to training, Tracy (Sara's best friend) picked me up to take me to Quiz night. I wasn't really sure what quiz night was, and it actually didn't sound like fun, but when I got there I realized that it was Trivia, so I was really excited. I was on a team with Trace, Matt (Tracy's bf), Moir (everyone's favorite Maori boy), and Roitter (I know I spelled his name wrong). Although we were horrible, it was fun and I got to meet a few more people. I really liked it a lot, and it helped me to stay awake past 9 PM.

The next day (Tuesday) I still woke up at 5 AM, which sucked, but it was such a good day! I got a call back on one of my applications, but the lady told me that my visa was too short and they were looking for a long term person otherwise they'd hire me, Oh well. After my run (I was a bit faster than the day before), Sara, Ruba, and I went to the Port Hills, which are just to the east of here, to hike. Some of the hills are pretty high, I mean they already have snow on them, so we went up a closer, shorter one that had caves in the top. It was so cool! And hard...man was I sore today. Here's a shot from the ground. You can kind of see the cave we hiked to, in the top center left of the photo.

About halfway up we heard some running water and decided to go off the path to find out where it was. We climbed up some rocks that I know my physical therapist woulda killed me for, but it was so worth it. There was this waterfall about a 25 yard climb up, and it leveled off into a bit of a pond, and past the pond was this entire wall of climbing holds and stuff. It was so neat! I'm so glad we went up there...The only thing was that it REALLY made me miss my friends. Stace, you would have loved it! You would have hopped up there and been ten times better than Sara and I feebly trying to hoist ourselves up on these holds. And I could just see Sarah and Bridget prancing around in your Keens...that you all definitely would have worn that day. I really miss you guys! I wish you were here...

Anyways, after that coolness, we started back on our straight up hill hike, that brought us past a few cows and sheep that really excited me, and up to a couple caves. They were neat, like kind of frozen in time bits of nature. I really liked em. I took a bunch of pictures that I will eventually upload for everyone to see. The walk down was almost more difficult than the way up, cause we were practically running. It took us an hour and a half to get up and like twenty minutes to get down!

That night we went to Trace's for dinner, she cooked a stirfry with a special vegetarian pot just for me :) so nice. It was delish. I accidentally ate too much and then passed out on her chair drooling a bit. Quality night. So I called it a night, came back and read. Big night.

Today's been about the same. We hung out with Megan a bit, and saw Sara's friend Scotty. Applied for a few more jobs, but I think I'm going to have to go to a Temp Agency tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be doing something inside though.

Miss you all, and thinking about you all the time!

Sending lots of love!

Ding xxoo

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  1. I too am a recent stalker/follower of your blog. You do need to get more high-tech and get some pics on here so I can see your beautiful faces as I read about your endeavors. Much love to ya'll. Peace!